School Fees - 2020

At the AGM of 21 November, the following budget was accepted by the parents for 2020.

School fees R22 000 per annum for 11 months.

  • The first compulsory payment of R 3 000 for school fees is due in January 2020 and is payable in two payments.  The remainder of the school fees is an amount of R 1 900.00 per month for 10 months.

  • Parents who prefer to pay by debit order are advised to arrange for this capacity with their personal bank or financial institution.

  • Full payments received by end of March 2020 qualify for a 10% rebate.

  • For households with siblings in school a R 4 000 rebate is offered for 2nd and 3rd (etc.) learners.  That will then translate to school fees for 1st child = R 22 000, 2nd child = R 18 000, 3rd child = R 18 000, etc.


First compulsory payment

The first compulsory payment of R 3 000 is payable before 31 January 2020.  Parents are advised to pay an initial advance payment for 2020 in 2019 to escape therefore thus two payments in January.  Learners are required to show proof of payment (receipt) before study material will be issued.  Please take note that the FIRST COMPULSORY PAYMENT is not linked to exemption status.

The second payment for the year must be made by 29 February 2020.  It is unacceptable that parents undertake to make the first compulsory payment and then default on their promise.  It is important for the operation of the school that you do not fall behind in payments.  We expect parents that made agreements with the school regarding school fees to commit to it.


Method of payment - Remainder of school fees

The school fees are payable in advance before the 8th of each month.  January’s instalment is due before the end of January and the payment for February must be made before 29 February 2020.  The final payment is due 30 November 2020.


Procedures for payment

Schools are soft targets.  For this reason, we have to handle as little cash as possible.  Please consider payment by debit order, or direct bank/internet payments.  A debit order will have the benefit of better cash flow for the school.  You are requested not to send a cash payment with learners to the school.  The school is investigating the possibility of card payments – more information to follow.

Please note the proof of payment address:

Should you decide on making use of these payments’ options, we would like to request that the proof of payment be, e-mailed or forwarded to the school to the following address:

Email address:


Direct payments/Internet payments

Our banking details are as follows:

ABSA bank

HTS N.Diederichs

Account number:  310390011

Branch code:  630241

Reference:  Name and Surname of learner and learner account number

Should you decide on making use of EFT please forward proof of payment to the following address: